How to Select Long-lasting Automotive Lights

tail-lights-headlightsDuring an annual state inspection, a vehicle’s lighting system is thoroughly inspected. Technicians ensure that the headlamps and brake lights function properly. Additionally, taillights and fog lights might also be checked during such an inspection. To pass the safety test, all of the light bulbs must generate illumination that is considered to be bright enough according to state regulations set by the department of motor vehicles.

For example, headlamps on high beam mode should be visible from hundreds of feet away. Weak illumination might indicate a need for replacing light bulbs or other components in the headlamps. The reflectors in the housing should be properly polished in order to redirect all of the light rays that are emitted from the actual bulb. Sometimes, reflectors could get clogged with light layers of debris or moisture due to condensation. Similarly, the glass housing of headlamps should be clean to allow for maximum transmission of light rays on the road. Sometimes, the housing might have to be cleaned thoroughly from both sides.

When it comes to headlamp light bulbs, LED technology should be considered because of efficiency and durability. For example, a small LED bulb with a 3-watt rating might carry a life span of up to 50,000 hours. To extend the use of headlamps, resistors should be installed. Such components precisely control electrical current flowing in and out of the wires in the headlamp bulbs. Resistors also prevent main fuses in the electrical panel from getting blown out. Additionally, modern LED headlamp kits might come with dimming switches that can be used to regulate the intensity of illumination.

High quality LED headlamp kits come with built in fans that regulate temperature inside the housing. It is important to prevent the excessive accumulation of heat energy inside the headlamps. Fan life is usually much longer compared to actual light bulbs. A light fixture such as the 1157 LED bulb and other bulbs are examples of automotive lighting kits.

When selecting lighting kits for a vehicle, it’s important to consider illumination intensity, which is measured in lumens. High output LED bulbs can generate between 2,000 and 3,000 LM. Such capabilities are comparable to high intensity discharge bulbs that are engineered to optimize light intensity. However, HID lights have relatively short life spans and they tend to overheat quickly if the proper internal fan isn’t installed.