Top Girl Being the Top Game in App Store, Adroid Edition is Coming

Three days after CrowdStar launched, the iPhone role-playing game “Top Girl” passed Angry Birds, becoming the top-grossing game in the Apple App Store quickly. It’s quite a surprise.

What is Top Girl?

Top Girl is a Burlingame ( role-playing game ) running on iPhone. It’s the first CrowdStar’s game for mobile devices. CrowdStar is the developer of social games on FaceBook including Happy Aquarium.

The Top Girl is quite simple. Users make money there then purchase beautiful dresses and make boyfriend. The only point is to try best make up to become the most beautiful, fashion and popular girl in the virtual social network.

Yeah. All your goal is to atract the most charming man and get his gifts. Top Girl is totally a “material girl”.

Seems unbelievable? You may ask me why does the Top Girl become so poprlar? I don’t know too.

How can Top Girl make profit

Top Girl offers free trial. However, their tools will cost you some cash. It use a OpenFeint platform to manage all virtual goods and money.

Top Girl developer: CrowdStar Review

CrowdStar developed similar female networking game “It Girl”. It’s also a popular game. The Top Girl is the first mobile App developed by CrowdStar.

CrowdStar’s CEO Peter Relan thinks the mobile device game market is like the Facebook market in 2008. He thinks the market is increasing quickly but there are no monopoly company in this field. CrowdStar rank the second, just behind of Zynga, in the Networking Game developer field. They gain a $2,300,000 investment recently which makes them able to start to focus on mobile device.

The Top Girl leverages a virtual shopping mechanic, turning users into mobile models that must climb the fashion social ladder by doing modeling jobs, buying new outfits and going to popular clubs. They just target those female audience who are age between 18 and 35 years old.

Top Girl now just released iOS edition. But the Android edition is to be released soon.

If you want to try this new game, go here to download Top Girl for free for your iPhone.