Top 10 Advantages of Tablet PCs

Since the iPad released, tablet PC spread out to the whole world. Even there are many other gadgets may offer you similar experiences, tablet PCs have their particular advantages makes it more convenience for using or more valuable. NO matter you choose iPad or Android Tablet PCs, Xoom or Playbook or TouchPad, you may get these 10 reason why you should purchase your first Tablet PC.

1. Tablet PC is a excellent e-book reader.

Though there are many people thinks Tablet PC is not so good as a e-book reader gadgets when it comes to read a online text. However, tablet PC can handle most of the functions a e-book reader have. Though there is now a more perfect reader Kindle, a tablet PC is still a good idea when you are going to purchase a e-book reader.

2. Tablet PC is greater than a smartphone

The bigger screen and more powerful hardware makes a Tablet PC more suitable for having fun anywhere. You may not need a smart phone if you have a tablet PC. So this may save you some money on purchasing a new smartphone.

3. Tablet PC is more comfortable than a Notebook

It’s lighter and smaller. However, most of things a notebook handled can be done on a Tablet PC.

4. Tablet PC is a good idea for a meeting

You can use it to show your products or meeting memo. You can also record results on your Tablet PC. You can even play “Angry Birds” when you are attending a boring meeting.

5. Powerful network tools.

Tablet PC is developed for Internet usage. So they carry many network apps. You can share pictures with others, scan facebook or twitter news. It will be cool when you use it update your network status.

6.  Good video and audio support

When you are on a metric, a tablet PC allows you see interesting videos, listen to attractive musics. You don’t need to bring your notebook any more.

7. Tablet PCs are cheap

The cheap price of a tablet PC is one of the advantages many people care about. It’s much cheaper than a notebook.

8. Reliable OS

Most tablet PCs uses android OS. It’s a reliable operation system which let you don’t need to worry about lose your personal private files or data.

9. Tablet PC is more convenience when your are on trip

Tablet PCs never being heavy when you are traveling busy. And with great WiFi and 3G support, a tablet PC will makes your travel more interesting.

10. Tablet PC is the fashion

Yeah, own a tablet PC makes you cool among your friends. It will make you standing out of those who are still use laptop or even a desk computer.

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