Advantages of the Surface over the iPad

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that the official Windows 8 launch date on the 26th October 2012, but avoided to give out any information on the long awaited Surface official launch date. Microsoft’s first Tablet is aiming to dethrone the iPad. There will clearly be a huge battle between the two companies, but Microsoft is speculated to have a dynamically leading role in this market’s battle “learning” from the iPad’s “mistakes” and making sure that the Surface is fully equipped.

We may not yet be aware of the exact value or the official release date of Surface, but judging from the present information we can definitely do a small specification crash test  between the with iPad and the Surface.

1. Keyboard and Cover

Typing in a tablet can be difficult or impossible for those who are used to traditional computer keyboards. The Microsoft Surface will be launched with a solution to this, using a thin touch keyboard that will also be used as a protective folded screen. Once the protective cover opens it automatically becomes a keyboard.

2. Tablet choice depending on the user’s choice

Before purchasing a surface tablet, buyers can choose which version best suits their needs: The first version will be a Windows RT based model, a more traditional version that will perform basic tasks, suitable for kids and first time users. The second version will be the Windows 8 Pro, slightly more expensive, more like a laptop and can work with heavier software for more demanding users. The second version will allow you customize as you do on your Windows PC.

3. Built-in Stand

Each Surface comes with an integrated stand that opens from the back and supports the device at an angle, leaving the users to enjoy the capabilities of Surface comfortably, while not adding extra weight or thickness to the device.

4. The Use of Digital Pen and digital “ink”

Microsoft designed the Windows 8 Pro version of Surface tablet with a stylus slot. At Microsoft’s demonstration on how the digital ink is used, it became apparent that the stylus is only 0.7mm thick, and extremely accurate, it makes you feel like you are using a real pen that writes on the Surface and when writing and highlighting the tablet is easy. According to Microsoft’s point of view, touch is not enough.

5. Microsoft Office

Both the RT and the version of 8 Pro Surface will run Microsoft Office productivity suite, while the Windows RT version will get a “lighter” application instead of the full program. Apple has also announced a version of Microsoft Office to be released for the iPad in November.

6. USB Ports

Many people were not happy when the iPad appeared without USB ports in 2010. Microsoft seems to have kept note of that. The thickness of the Surface offers just enough space for a traditional USB port. Both the RT, and the Windows 8 Pro will offer two USB ports.

7. Correct Angle

Just like the iPad, the Surface tablet, includes two integrated cameras for video chatting. However, the built-in stand of Surface, mentioned above, holding the device at 22 degrees the exact face positioning for an average user.

Of course there is a long way for us to be fully convinced in regards to Microsoft’s tablet although all indications show that Microsoft is finally back on track.

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