Tablet computers have allowed people to take the Internet with them to places they simply could not before. Computing has never been as portable or as simple as it is today, and tablets will only continue to innovate as they grow in market share. 2012 and 2013 are likely to tip the scales even more […]

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that the official Windows 8 launch date on the 26th October 2012, but avoided to give out any information on the long awaited Surface official launch date. Microsoft’s first Tablet is aiming to dethrone the iPad. There will clearly be a huge battle between the two companies, but Microsoft is […]

Recently, Microsoft release two tablet: Windows RT Surface and Windows 8 Pro Surface. It really catches many eyes. Many people thinks the two new Windows tablet will be a strong competitor to Apple iPad. We also believe that Microsoft had known they are going to compete with iPad before they started the Surface project. Since there […]