A new Feature Added to Your Website When it comes to promoting your website, you want to take advantage of the many features you can implement. The features that you add to your website are made to make things easier for the consumer. By doing this, you will make the website more appealing to the […]

Recently, Microsoft release two tablet: Windows RT Surface and Windows 8 Pro Surface. It really catches many eyes. Many people thinks the two new Windows tablet will be a strong competitor to Apple iPad. We also believe that Microsoft had known they are going to compete with iPad before they started the Surface project. Since there […]

What will you remind if I’m going to talk about LG’s smartphone? You may think of the high quality IPS screen or the first dual core smartphone Optimus 2X. Anyway, LG’s PRADA serious is not in my mind because it is too costly. However, since the PRADA 3.0 (P940) released, LG transferred the design idea to their […]

We often noticed some cell phone advertise to introduce how large their screen is. But the question is that do you really need a huge screen? Which screen size & phone weight is the best criterion? Now I selected two cell photo to make a weight & size comparison to get our conclusion: Kyocera KSP8000:  17.2mm […]

Samsung has taken the Indian market by storm with its top notch models, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Note.If you are equally smitten by the Ads and the rave reviews surrounding these two models and wish to buy one of these, Which one should you go for? Is it just a difference of […]

The Android and iPhone are no doubt the most popular smartphone. There are many articles have make a comparison between them. But we’ll tell you the comparison between iPhone and Blackberry, the former most popular smartphone. We will tell you 10 advantages and 5 shortcomings. BlackBerry advantages 1. Security Blackberry is safety. There are even no […]

Google released a new product Google Currents after purchased Flipboard. Some people think it will give small publications opportunity. But, after two days trial, ITGeeg don’t think Google Currents is a successful product which will makes big difference to the market. Default Interface Google Currents Flipboard Zaker Zite   Bad design. Just one news is shown on the first page. [&he

With the specification upgrade of mobile devices, people are more likely to take photo with their smartphone. Apple iPhone is the most popular camera replacement. Data from Flickr have proved these phenomenon. Now let ITGeeg take a comparison between iPhone 4S and Canon 5d MKII. First, we do some basic setting to make the comparison more […]

Sony always brings special design to user. Their tablet is also different from many other Android tablets, surely very beautiful. While the hardware specification is not so outstanding, its beautiful win my love. The Sony Tablet S is more like a book. Now, let ITGeeg introduce this new tablet. Features: Android Honeycomb OS NVIDIA Tegra2 0.3 megapixel […]

This is a guest review from a iPhone user who follow iPhone2G to iPhone 4. He also purchased many iPhone Apps. He tried Samsung Galaxy S2 because of too many praise about i9100. However, he don’t recommend users to purchase the GS 2. We have see some AMOLED Plus disadvantages. No we are going to compare […]