Manual Book: How to Re-Install HTC Android OS

Many people who are using Android handheld devices may heard about re-install Android OS. While some want to try, but they don’t know how to process. Indeed, to reset your Android OS is a easy thing if you follow our manual book steps.

First, you should know some specialized words used in re-install android OS. To re-install Android OS is like re-install a OS on your PCs. You can install a new OS on your HTC smart phone.

RECOVERY means recover all thesettings. By recovery, users can clear all user settings and data. It also let users re-distribute disk space, back up files or recover settings. It likes Ghost on your computer.

ROM is short for Read Only Memory. In short, it’s a Android OS. To install a OS means write a proper ROM into your devices.

WIPE meas recover to default factory settings and clear all files created by users. So be careful if you are going to wipe your HTC phone.

After known these basic knowledge, we are going to re-install a new OS on our HTC android phone.

STEP 1: Back up files in your Android phone. For example, contacts list, SMS, etc.

STEP 2: Download a proper ROM file for your Android gadget. Be careful, you should select a ROM which is really suit for your HTC phone. Different phone models use different ROMs which are exclusive.

STEP 3: Transform the downloaded ROM file to the root folder of SD card. Rename it to

STEP 4: Shut down your HTC phone. Press power button and home icon. You should be lead to recovery menu. Select the fourth item and submit. Select ‘Flash zip from sdcard’.

STEP 5: Find the ROM file Select it.


STEP 6: Conform the screen show like this and then click the Home icon.


The picture showed here tell you the re-installing process is started. Wait for a moment and it will accomplish quickly.

20100827090813883 (1)

STEP 7: If re-install is finished, you will see picture like this. Confirm you have seen the words ‘Install from sdcard complete’. Then select the first item ‘Reboot system now’. It may takes more time to start your HTC phone as this is the first time you are running the new OS.


If the re-install process is not successed, can’t enter the OS for example, you can shut down your HTC phone and repeat STEP 4~7.

20100827090813363 (1)

After all these steps, re-installing process is finished. There are no risks in re-installing process. If you are failed, it may just because of selected a wrong ROM. You can find the right ROM and try again.