FBR estimate iPhone 5 will start on production this third quarter

U.S investment company FBR Capital Markets declared a report this Tuesday. It shows that Apple will start to manufacturing iPhone 5 and sell it laterly.

The report show iPhone 5 will adopt a 8 mega camera. It will also carry a new CMOS chip which can support GMS and CDMA. The iPhone 4 carries a 5 mega camera. However, iPhone 4 used two different CMOS chips for each signal format. By using a common CMOS chip, Apple will save the need of developing different iPhone for different Mobile Network Provider.

Apple haven’t release. But informations show this new iPhone will be called ‘N94’. FBRpredict Apple will produce about 20 million iPhones. iPhone 5 will share 40% of total amount and the others will be iPhone 4.

FBR’s report announced that iPhone 5 will use a 8 mega CMOS chip manufactured by Omnivision. Sony will be the back up. FBR also think Apple will quit Intel chips and direct purchase chips, which are GSM and CDMA supported, from QCOM.

FBR confirm that QCOM has replaced Intel. It’s now the primary supplier of base band CMOS chip for iPhonw.

Analysts once think iPhone 5 will use its own developed Core Dual A5 processor which has been applied to iPad 2. This processor will improve the ability of running applications on mobile devices. iPhone 4 is now using single dual process A4.