How Uninstall & Remove Android Apps

NOTE: Backup your Android OS before uninstall any applications.


1. Windows XP, 32 Bit Windows Vista, 32 Bit Windows 7 OS are recommended.

2. USB data cable, Desire power higher than 30%, make sure your PC can identify your Desire

3. Android SDK (Download from here Android 2.2 PlatformAndroid 2.1 Platform)

4. Root access on Android.

5. Rooting file (Download here:YunFile)

Operation Methods:

1. Connect with PC by USB cable. Press Volume Down and Power button. After see a red exclamation mark on your screen, run recovery-windows.bat file in rooting package to enter the recovery screen.(Please don’t close cmd window.)

2. Open another cmd window. Enter the rooting file folder. Install system folder.
Command code:

adb-windows shell mount / system

3. Display installed Apps
Command code:

adb-windows shell ls /system/app/

Result will be like this:


4. There are two methods to remove Android apps: remove to SD card or remove permanently.

A. Uninstall permanently.

Command Example:

adb-windows shell rm /system/app/Stock.apk
adb-windows shell rm /system/app/

B. Remove Applications to SD card

Command Example:
adb-windows shell mkdir /sdcard/device_files (Note: this command is used to create a folder)
adb-windows mv /system/app/Stock.apk /sdcard/device-files
adb-windows mv /system/app/ /sdcard/device-files

5. Restart your smartphone.