Social Media Resolutions for 2012 with Focus on VoIP

New Year is on the eve, and the most important thing in any New Year start up is ‘new year resolution’. These resolutions not only help us clarify our mind about a given subject and area, but also provide us a line of action. Just like the personal life, your business life also requires New Year resolutions, where you decide ‘to dos list’ for the coming year. In the following lines, I have listed down the most important resolutions for your social media management, which could make you a more successful company and business.

With the international drive of decentralized management of social media platforms, the challenges and scope for the social media managers have increased. Hence, in the year 2012, the social media platforms will have to be taken up individually across the board, regardless of the industry you are in. Over the year, I have been analyzing the VoIP market and industry. Hence, the case study of my suggestions and resolutions will be VoIP and social media management in the year 2012.

Taking It More Serious

The most important thing with regards to business focus is, taking social media more seriously. The year 2011 events like Arab Spring, Spain, Greece and Israel Demonstration, UK revolts and Occupy Wall Street, have given us lots of social media lessons. This requires change of mindset from social media presence to social media business development drives. Growing social networks are indeed separate markets for business generation, and hence require individual attention.

Change of Focus

Previously, the VoIP operators used to focus on landline and internet telephone industry, to remain competitive. Hence, their social media drives were restricted to the very option and they used to highlight their VoIP services in social media statuses. However, with the popularity of mobile VoIP, there should be a clear shift. The social media highlight must include mobile apps programs, and if there is an option, the operators should create separate fan pages for their mobile VoIP.

Using the Smartphone Edge:

If you look at 2011 in the context of communication technology, the hallmark of it was mobile apps development. This helped leading companies like Vonage, Axvoice and Skype to grow further. Taking advantage of Smartphone market is highly important. More people are using Smartphone devices, so the social interaction is increasing. Helping people understand the ways to control their budget using VoIP might work very well here.

Addition of New Applications

In order to make the most out of the available space in the market, the companies will have to include new applications into their social networks. Although, every big name particularly Skype, Axvoice etc. have their fan pages on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. but they are lacking Flicker pages. What makes Flicker is the concept of Infographics; as the customers easily get in photos, what you aspire to tell them in words.

Separation of Pages

Another important thing that a company needs to stay focus on is separation of mobile VoIP from regular VoIP. This is primarily related to Facebook & Twitter, where the companies need to create separate pages for mobile VoIP and Smartphone apps.

Learning the Lessons

If you look at Skype and Vonage, both have done remarkable job in managing their social media networks. Although other companies like Ooma, 8×8, and Axvoice are also active on various social networks, but still they need to learn from the experience of other companies to manage their social networks. Constant learning and self-improvement are always the key factors of growth.

If you are able to implement 80% of the listed resolutions, I guarantee you excellent results in terms of business development, better client/customer relations, growing revenues, better public knowledge your brand and lot more.