Speed Up Android Network: Masqed Crusader

App Name: Masqed Crusader
App Version: v3.8.7
OS Require: Android1.6 and higher
Free Download Address: YunFile


The Masqed Crusader is a Network Optimization Tool for Android. It increases web browsing speed and privacy. The Masqed Crusader included Busybox and DNSmasq function. It’s a uncommon app of its kind on the Android Market! www.itgeeg.com


1. Speed up your overall network browsing (Include WiFi network, 2G/3G mobile network)

2. Force Google’s fast DNS servers. This makes you download apps from Android Market faster.

3. Provide more safety network connect by avoiding the use of your wireless carrier’s DNS servers.(Some of spy software may get your private data from wireless carrier’s servers.)

4. It build the function to help you blocking ad.


1. Make sure you have get root access on your Android phone before using Masqed Crusader.

2. After starting optimization, your cell phone may lose network connection about 20 seconds. This is a normal situation.

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