Huawei Release Blaze in UK

Huawei is planning to release its Blaze Android cell phone in United Kingdom september. Blaze is Huawei’s first Android phone.  Huawei UK executive officer Mark Mitchinson says they are going to take over 4-5% cell phone market shares in United Kingdom less than 1 year.

Mitchison once worked for Samsung and Nokia. He thinks Huawei can compete with all Android cell phone manufactures in the nearly future.

Huawei got first mobile network equipment order in UK this May. Now, they go further. Huawei’s foreign profit occupy about 65% of all its profit. Foreign profit increasing rate is three times as it in China.

Due to the rapid increase of Android market, Huawei start to develop its own Android phone to compete with other cell phone company. Gartner’s market analyst Roberta Cozza thinks “we are observe which company will face Huawei’s challenge. Sony-Ericsson is one will be affected”. Roberta Cozza thinks Huawei’s market share in UK will increase from 1% to 3%. Gartner reported that LG and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications will be the most affected. LG and Sony-Ericsson are the two smallest Android phone manufactures.