Top 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Tablet

A tablet device is a very expensive piece of kit. It should not be a purchase that you make in order to keep up with the trends. It is also not a purchase you make without fully understanding why you want one. This article gives you a few things to think about when buying your tablet device.


1 – What are you going to use it for?

Are you just buying the tablet for its novelty value or because everybody else has one? You really need to think about what you are buying it for, not just for its use, but also your motivation for buying one. If you want one but are not 100% of most of the things you can do with it, then there is a good chance that you have been sold to. There is a good chance that your motivation to buy comes from a marketing message that has touched your subconscious in some way. Finally, you must think about what you would replace the tablet with if you did not have it, and ask yourself if your life has been that terrible so far without it.

2 – Will you travel with it often or use is mostly at home?

This is going to determine how durable your tablet device is going to be and how big it is going to be. There are now widescreen tablets that are simply not suitable for traveling with, and there are things like the iPad mini that is ideal for traveling. A tablet you are going to carry around with you, and you are going to take on trains, is going to have to be reasonably small and durable. If it is not then you may have trouble transporting it from one place to another.

3 – Do you need a reading tablet?

This is a good question because tablet devices are improving enough to start suggesting that you try using a tablet to start reading. If you would like to read a lot of online and digital text, then a reading tablet may be a good investment for you. It will allow you to read online PDFs and you may be able to buy digital books for a lot less than paper versions.

4 – Would an artistic tablet suit you better?

There are artistic tablets that are used by TV producers and you may find it easier to use a tablet instead of using a pen and pad to draw on your computer. With a tablet you can see your marks on the screen as you make them, instead of having to learn how to look up a screen as you write on a pad.

5 – What sort of price range where you thinking of?

The price of your tablet is going to matter because it is a lot of money to spend on an object you may never use. There is also the fact that Apple has released a rather good set of tablet devices, but they are almost three times more expensive than other brands. One cannot argue that the other brands are of a low quality because they are not. Your price range will determine what tablet you purchase.

6 – Do you need more memory or more processor power?

Some tablets are pretty good with their processor power whilst others are good with the amount of memory they have. There are also tablet types where you can purchase a model that has a higher memory.

7 – How does it feel in your hand?

This is important because you are going to be holding your tablet in your hand for a long time, and if it is hard to grip then your hand is going to ache. If it is heavy then your arm is going to ache. The way it feels is also about how you grip the tablet. It needs to be able to sit in your hand with the minimal of effort, or your will find using the device very uncomfortable over long periods of time.

8 – Is a lower cost model really going to make much difference?

Sometimes you are paying for processor power that you don’t need, or the most recent OS upgrade that you don’t need. Sometimes the things that make your new tablet more expensive are not actually things you need. Do you really need the battery that lasts twelve hours when you are never out of the house for more than four hours?

9 – The build quality of the tablet?

This will take a little bit of research but some tablets are not built as well as others. Some have design flaws whereas others were not manufactured as well as they could have been. It may be that after several months the screen takes a slight yellow tinge. It is up to you to read as many reviews about your chosen tablet as possible.

10 – Are you sure you are not going to put it in a drawer and forget about it?

Finally, make sure you know you want one. Try to plan how you are going to use the tablet. If you are having trouble making your plan then you may need to take a second think about what you are doing. Is there something else you could spend the money on?

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