New iPhone Wind Charger

Apple’s iPhone is absolute geekers’ must. Its beautiful appearance and rich applications makes most people addicted to. But rich applications also make its power consumption extremely high. When you are outdoor, a wind charger for iPhone will be a good solution. Today, I found a wind charger for iPhone.

This small wind charger is combined with helical runner and a iPhone shell. Just put your iPhone into the shell and then make the helical runner run when you are going to charge your iPhone. You can even blow with your mouth.

This charger should use 6 hours to make your iPhone cell full of power. It seems a long time if you are going to make the helical runner continuously run by your

However, you should know this is a first-aid appliance for your iPhone when you are outside and there is no power supply. For example, when you are on a island and you want to send a SOS message with your iPhone, this charger maybe a good idea.

Surely, if you live in a area full of wind power, this charge is also a fancy idea.

This is a white charger for iPhone. If you need other wind chargers, you may want to check this.