HTC Pure is coming

HTC is no doubt the giant rank only second to Apple in smart phone market. Many of HTC phones are popular with youngth. It also have many great products like Wildfire. Now, HTC is going to release its new generation smart phone called Pure, another great cell phone gadget.

While when it comes to appearance design, HTC cell phone is most likely design for males. Its classic cold color seems not very friendly to females. This time, HTC take more ambition to get more females love. It will release a White and Pink edition. Surely, the classic black edition is included.

In the past, HTC just released 2 pink phones. There are HTC Hero and HTC Smart.

Some gadget geekers think HTC Hero is a milestone. It was the annual most popular phone of 2009. HTC Smart is the first to adopt Brew OS. It’s also the first non-intelligent mobile phone of HTC.

The third pink phone is HTC Pure.  Like most HTC products, there are no design break out. The pink one is more like a small flashlight.  However, I don’t want to put much comment on it as I haven’t seen a real product now.