To Buy or Not To Buy iPhone 4S

There are many reviews about iPhone 4S. Some of them think iPhone 4S is not a good choice while some think iPhone 4S great. So how about to buy a iPhone 4S? Do you really need to update to iPhone 4S?

Why update to iPhone 4S:

iPhone fans who care about camera performance

iPhone 4S photo sample

If you have tried dual core CPU cell phones, like Galaxy GS2, you will think iPhone 4 is not so good. GS2 can let you change between different apps fluently. The iPhone 4S will be a good choice if you think iPhone 4 can not handle apps fluently as the iPhone 4S upgraded to A5 processor. But if you just care about performance and not just staring at Apple iPhone, the soon releasing GS2 HD LTE may be a better upgrade choice.

iPhone 4S performance

sellers who just want to make profit

As their are some region will get the iPhone 4S after other regions, some sellers will purchase a new iPhone4S and then sold it to those who are eager for a new iPhone 4S to make profit.

Why not buy a iPhone 4S

people who satisfied with iPhone4

There are no much big difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Some people even think the relationship between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 is very like the relationship between iPhone 3 and iPhone3GS. While iPhone3 can not run iOS4, the iPhone4 can handle most work that iPhone 4S do. So, we thinks the attraction of iPhone 4S is even lower than iPhone 3GS.

people who want to see a new design

iPhone 4S new appearance

To those people who want to have a new design to show their characters may feed depressed with the same design of iPhone 4S. No one will easily notice a iPhone 4S when compared to iPhone 4. Those people who wanna a bigger screen and thinner cell phone may also feel disappointed. May be some Android phones can meet their need at now.