PlayStation Games Available for Sony Tablet S

As one of the consumer electrics giant, Sony always brings surprising products to us. They have their unique ideas in the products from notebook to camera. But we are going to talk about another product: Tablet S from Sony. Though Sony didn’t made its release conference a big event, their new decision make many games lover exciting. Sony is going to open PlayStation store on Sony Tablet S.

Sony Tablet S

This brand new tablet is different to other Android tablets. It can connect to home appliances and will get PlayStation approval recently. This means the 9.4 inch LED tablet can play PS games.

Sony PlayStation Games

Though this tablet PC can not replace a notebook to handle all office work, its powerful entertainment functions have great effect. Now Sony is going to integrate its PlayStation store to all its products line. Let tablet PC support PS games is no doubt to have big impact on iPad. If the price is suitable, the next month revealing tablet will get bunch of lovers.