All Aboard the Gadget Express! Top 8 Travel Gadgets

8.) Apple Airport Express The Apple AirPort Express is an older Apple product that is still very effective as a mobile router. It immediately converts a hotel’s WiFi into a wireless signal, so there’s no need to run long Ethernet cables to your laptop while traveling. In addition, the AirPort series allows extra features like the ability to stream music to your speakers through iTunes.

7.) Jibbigo Mobile Translation Although not a physical gadget by itself, the Jibbigo Mobile Translation application for the iPhone or Android has the distinct advantage of eliminating the need to buy a costly flip-screen translator, as it can be easily installed on your smart-phone. While there are plenty of translation devices available on the market, Jibbigo allows service without an Internet connection, so that in remote areas without 4G or WiFi access—perhaps a mountainous region inNepal—it’s still possible to communicate with locals. It also allows unlimited translation, so you don’t have to worry about accumulating a bill on your phone for using it.

6.) Kensington ComboSaver Portable Lock For years Kensington ComboSaver has been a staple among travelers worried about the safety of their laptops. It provides easy security if you’re forced to leave your notebook at a coffee shop during a trip to the bathroom. However, the lock is not a long-term security solution as a pair of wire-cutters could still make short work of it.

5.) Lewis N Clark Universal Travel Adapter and Plug Kit This power adapter is an affordable way to ensure that your voltage matches a variety of different regions, with adapters to convert two-prong U.S. outlets to European and Asian round pins, U.K. three prong outlets, and Australian slanted prongs. At an affordable price, it won’t cost an arm and a leg if the adapters are accidentally misplaced during your expedition requiring replacements.

4.) DVDO Mobile HD Travel Kit This handy device is specialized for travelers and is excellent for both recreational and professional use. As an all-in-one MHL HDMI adapter, this allows you to charge a wide range of devices from phones to portable game systems, while it also allows the ability to stream an HD signal to a TV screen. This means that you can watch your favorite movies in a hotel room without paying for a pay-per-view service, so long as the TV supports HDMI CEC technology. It may also come in handy for a multimedia professional who needs a convenient way to demonstrate video projects on-the-go.

3.) DeLorme InReach The DeLorme InReach is designed to ensure the safety of travelers who are going to out of reach destinations. As only 10% of the world has cell phone coverage, it could be dangerous going to a remote destination without a way of contacting friends or family. The InReach is a two-way satellite communicator that integrates into your smart-phone and allows you to make contact even in the most remote places on Earth.

2.) Nintendo 3DS Currently the most innovative portable game system is the 3DS by Nintendo. With the capability to project 3D images without the need for glasses, as well as backwards compatibility with all prior DS games, the 3DS is the ultimate time-killer. It lasts for 3-5 hours on a full charge, and so it can take a huge bite out of a long and boring plane trip.

1.) Apple iPhone 4G The most versatile and important travel device is a smart-phone, preferably the iPhone 4G. From loading up navigational apps to translation software like Jibbigo, the possibilities of a smart-phone are almost endless. Travelers depend on their phones for everything from finding last-minute directions, figuring out how to navigate a foreign airport, to determining the best places to go out for dinner.