How to use Google Maps on iOS6

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Since Apple released their mess iOS 6 map, many people find they want to get back to Google Maps. However, even Google announced they are going to release iOS6 app, I don’t thinks we can get the official Google Maps app on iOS 6 quickly.

The good news is that Google Maps seems to have found its way onto iOS 6 with help from a hacker, though it’s not quite ready for its public debut. Ryan Petrich tweeted yesterday that he was able to coax Google Maps to work on iOS 6 “with a little trickery.” But it can’t yet be distributed to the public.

So how to use Google Maps before we can get a perfect Google Maps trick? You have another choice. The simplest option is to head to in Safari.

Then click on the Send button on the bottom toolbar and select the option to Add to Home Screen. A shortcut to Google Maps appears on your home screen. Then you can launch Google Maps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod by tapping the new Google Maps icon. This is a very easy way to substitute Google Maps for Apple Maps on all of your iOS 6 devices.