We are happy when we remember those days when we were at college, having a great time playing foosball with our friends. A lot of professional players scored their first goal during college, in game rooms on Tornado foosball tables. Today, most tables made for foosball cost more than $500, so if you want to avoid buying […]

Google Maps is available on iOS 6 finally. Yet, there is one problem, iOS6 don’t allow user to set Google Maps as the default map. Each time you open a map connection, the iOS6 will open the Apple Maps. This is not so cool because you still need to use the bad Apple Maps in […]

Sometimes, iPhone home button may get malfunction and we need to update the system. How to solve this problem? This tutorial will show you the solution to enter DFU mode with Redsnow on Mac or Windows PC. 1. Download the latest Redsnow tool and save it to “Redsnow” folder on your computer. 2. Download the latest […]

The iOS6  brings a lot of new stuff. This makes many people excited. Here are a few things to know before updating your device to iOS 6. 1. Not all devices can be updated to iOS6 Only iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, the New iPad and iPod touch 4 are supported by iOS6. Apple gave up the first generation iPad […]

Since Apple released their mess iOS 6 map, many people find they want to get back to Google Maps. However, even Google announced they are going to release iOS6 app, I don’t thinks we can get the official Google Maps app on iOS 6 quickly. The good news is that Google Maps seems to have found its […]

Last week, several news stories came out that revealed the preferences that mobile app developers feel when it comes to two of the biggest operating systems for mobile devices: iOS and Google’s Android. While popularity and competition between the two giants are widely known and discussed as far as consumer preferences are concerned, developers got […]

We have see the Android Ouya game console. It make me want to get a iOS game console. Airplay can project games to a screen. But many games need a touch on screen. Now, we have see the GameDock which uses iCade to makes your iPhone a game station. If this project can get enough fund, you […]

On the HITB meeting, the MuscleNerd and Dream Team bring their latest iPhone unlocking & iOS jailbreak tools. The Greenpoison team also released Absinthe 2.0.  The Absinthe 2.0 support almost any A4/A5 devices with iOS 5.1.1 firmware. However, iPhone updated GSM iPhone4 firmware to 9B208 just soon after Absinthe 2.0 release. This is not a good news for iPhone4 users […]

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There were many Cydia competitors in the past. But none of them can outperform Cydia. However, the Lima is something different to those app store alternatives. Lima is a new browser based third-party app store as Cydia. Lima Installer is now revealed in pre-release beta. It is good alternative to Cydia as the beta version provides a good […]

MOG MOG is one of the best iphone apps out there for playing music. One of the best features of MOG Radio is the ability to have continuous music even after your playlist has finished. There is a MOG Radio button that when enabled will continue to play music related to the playlist you had […]