How to use the browser based app store Lima

There were many Cydia competitors in the past. But none of them can outperform Cydia. However, the Lima is something different to those app store alternatives. Lima is a new browser based third-party app store as Cydia. Lima Installer is now revealed in pre-release beta. It is good alternative to Cydia as the beta version provides a good experience. This tutorial will tell you how to use Lima to install apps for your iOS devices.

How to Install Lima

As the Lima is still a beta version, the installation process of Lima is some complicated compared to many other stable app stores. You should Add the Lima source  to Cydia,  Download Lima,  Restart iPhone then Input specific URL in Safari for authorize Lima.

How to use Lima

After authorized Lima, it very easy to use it. Open Lima in Safari. You will see the welcome page. It provides information about Lima or network status. The Lima will let you know the available servers or databases.

Lima provide 4 major functions: Home, Sections, Search and More。


Similar to Cydia category, you can find installation package from different sections.  One shortage is that the pre-released beta Lima don’t allow users to hide some sections. This makes users need to find interested section from a long list. Hope the stable Lima can provide this choice.


This search function is very similar to Cydia’s. But Lima provides less results. The result in Lima don’t have prompt. However, the result is more accurate than Cydia’s. For example, when search SBSettings, the SBSetting plugin page will rank #1 in Lima result while Cydia will show SBSetting theme as the first result.


This is the most used tag. You can un-install apps, restore Lima cookies, New Packages (similar to update in Cydia), Install new apps or read Lima blog. The regretful thing is that Lima do not support third-party source. The official source is limited now.

The pre-released beta Lima still have some bugs. The release date of Lima is still unkown. But the team behind Lima have make their hard work. Hope the Lima will be a good web based alternative to Cydia.