Absinthe 2.0.2 released to add iPhone 4 firmware support

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On the HITB meeting, the MuscleNerd and Dream Team bring their latest iPhone unlocking & iOS jailbreak tools. The Greenpoison team also released Absinthe 2.0.  The Absinthe 2.0 support almost any A4/A5 devices with iOS 5.1.1 firmware.

However, iPhone updated GSM iPhone4 firmware to 9B208 just soon after Absinthe 2.0 release. This is not a good news for iPhone4 users who are using iOS5.1.1 as the new firmware blocked the bug which Absinthe 2.0 used to Jailbreak. The iPad2,4 which uses 32 nm technology CPU also can not be jailbroken by Absinthe 2.0.

In order to let iOS users can enjoy their devices, Chronic Dev Team released Absinthe 2.0.2 to support iPhone 4 firmware. The new version added (GSM)iPhone 4 9B208 support. Chronic Dev Team also unveiled on their official website that their will release new Jailbreak tool for iPad 2,4 in the nearly future.

Download Absinthe v2.0.2 for Windows

Download Absinthe v2.0.2 for Mac