Ultrabooks and Laptops: What’s the Difference?

When on the search for a new laptop, there may be confusion on the difference between a regular laptop and an Ultrabook.

While there are similarities, there are a few differences that may help make a decision on choosing an Ultrabook instead of a traditional laptop.

The similarities include:

  • Online capabilities
  • Gaming abilities
  • Portability through size and weight
  • Intel technology

Basically, if you can do it on a laptop, you can most likely do the same thing with an Ultrabook. However, there are differences in the Ultrabook that many consumers may find appealing.

These differences are:

  • A lighter weight: Traditional laptops can weigh up to 18 pounds and as little as 3 pounds. However, an Ultrabook is always going to be around 3 pounds or less; making it much lighter.
  • A sleeker design: The Ultrabook is designed to look sleeker and more streamlined.
  • A longer battery life: The Ultrabooks have a battery life of upwards of six hours. This is a longer battery life than a usual laptop. Lithium polymer batteries found in smart phones are used, which explains the long life with such a small, lightweight piece of electronic equipment.
  • Super fast start up: Since the Ultrabooks do not have a DVD drive, they can boot up in mere seconds, faster than any laptop around.

The consumer that is interested in an Ultrabook is one that wants the experience of a desktop computer and the ability to perform most of the same tasks with a system that is not only portable but is also sleek and savvy. The Ultrabook is perfect for those that want to do everything they typically do on a computer while on the go. It is mobile computing at its best.

There is an obvious added bonus with the extra light weight that is available with the Ultrabook. Not only does this make it easier to take anywhere you want to go, but it is lighter on your wallet as well when compared to a MacBook Air.

Important Points about Ultrabooks

It is important to note that all Ultrabooks come with a Core i3, i5 or i7 processor, USB 3.0 connectivity, and a built-in fast SSD storage. This means that you get the latest and best technology in a “laptop” that is best at portability. With all that in mind, they do run more expensive than a laptop but with any type of new technology, eventually the prices usually even out to being more affordable as time goes by and more advances are made.

With the many features and options along side of the sleek and light design, the Ultrabook is a must-have for business, pleasure or school. No matter what you use it for, you’ll love the many things you can do.