Differences Between iPhone4 and iPhone 4S

For many Apple fans, the new released iPhone 4S makes them depressed. There seems no much differences. However, the biggest differences are all about software and its internal hardware. So let IT Geeg tell you where are the differences lies between a iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

iPhone4 and iPhone 4S

Difference about Appearance

There are no many differences about appearance between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. There is a gap above the volume button on the left side. This gap is believed to solve the signal problem which was found on iPhone4. Besides, iPhone 4S is 3g lighter than iPhone4. iPhone 4S re-designed antenna and can auto-change antenna setting. It will offer better speech quality.

iPhone 4S Processor

iPhone 4s A5 Processor

The biggest change is that iPhone 4S deployed the same dual core A5 process as iPad 2. Apple advertised the A5 processor is about twice the speed of A4. So the iPhone 4S will perform more powerful. www.itgeeg.com

iPhone 4S Network

Network speed

There are many former rumors said that iPhone 4S will support 4G network. But the new iPhone don’t support 4G network. However, it’s data flow can reach 5.8Mbps when uploading and 14.4Mbps when downloading. This is much faster than iPhone 4.

World Phone

The most exciting upgrade is that iPhone 4S will compatible with GSM and CDMA network.

 iPhone 4S Camera

The iPhone 4S upgraded its camera from 5.0 mega to 8.0 mega. The aperture is F2.4. This makes the camera much better than other cell phones. A5 processor added facial recognition function. It will provide a better photograph effect.


iPhone 4s Siri

The iPhone 4S is run on iOS 5. But iPhone 4 will also get iOS 5 update. So the new “Siri” function becomes a key point.

“Siri” is personal assistant. Siri is a third party phonetic recognition company. Apple purchased Siri and integrated its technology in iOS 5. You can tel your iPhone “WHAT IS THE WEATHER LIKE TODA?” and it will gibe you the weather forecast. The Siri can just support English, French and Deutsch.

Above all, IT Geeg recommend you to wait for a couple of days to purchase iPhone 4S after it is more stable. The iPhone 5 is also a good choice if you get enough patient. Only if you need change between CDMA or GSM frequently with business trip, you can think about iPhone 4S.