iPad3 Pictures Preview

Recently, there are some websites posted iPad 3 pictures. We can learn from these pictures that the next generation iPad 3 is lighter and thinner.  And it design seem more fashion. The arc of its back seems more flat. So I think the iPad 3 is more like the iPad1.

leaked iPad 3 picture preview

Now there are white & black color for users. It used carbon fiber instead of the aluminum alloy in order to make it lighter.

One of the picture shows the iPad 3’s thick is just 0.29 inch (about 7.3 mm). It’s thinner than the iPad 2’s 8.8mm. www.itgeeg.com

The former rumor that iPad3 will use Retina screen is also be convinced in these pictures.  There is a 5 Mega camera at its back and a LED flashlight. This camera support HD 1080P pictures. There is also a HD camera at front. Home button is retained. And the other button is almost the same place with iPad2. The connect port is also the same  with iPad2.

iPad 3 preview

iPad 3 preview

leaked iPad 3 picture

When it comes to the name  of the next generation iPad, it is still a secret. iPad 3? iPad 2 HD or iPad Plus? Let’s wait for few months. There are rumors says the next generation iPad will be released on Q4.