Business app that can help your company reaching the next attainable goal

Running a business is not a task anyone can do. With numerous things to keep track of, new things coming up every moment and deadlines to be met, it can all get overwhelming really fast. It doesn’t need to be that way, though. Thanks to technology, now it’s easier than ever to keep track of everything and find solutions for any problem that may rise. The key is to always stay in the loop, and to be able to communicate with your team. If these two conditions are met, there’s no challenge that cannot be completed and no goal that cannot be reached. Here are some of the must-have business apps if you want to succeed.


todoistIn order to run a business efficiently you will first need to run yourself efficiently, and Todoist is just the way to do it. Create your task list, organize your schedule and delegate tasks that do not fit with your agenda – all from one single app. Todoist is a great way to stay organized and productive, and its simple and intuitive interface makes it a great productivity app. With Todoist, your goals are just one tap away.


evernoteAll great things start with a great idea, and great ideas come when you least expect them. To make sure you don’t miss that great inspiration when it hits you, make sure you have Evernote around. Evernote allows you to take notes, record voice memos, take pictures, draw or snap content from the web – everything you need to capture that great idea regardless of the shape it comes under. You can then organize everything in one single board and invite your colleagues to collaborate with you. Evernote is basically the digital version of brainstorming, and we all know just how importing brainstorming is for reaching goals.


beasecampWhile Evernote is oriented more towards thinkers, Basecamp is focused more towards doers. Basecamp allows teams and team members to work together efficiently, while allowing you to easily supervise everything and always know where you’re at. By keeping all the necessary files and team members in one place, Basecamp improves productivity and makes goals more easily attainable. When it comes to online collaboration, Basecamp is definitely a must-have.


casual.PMWith Evernote and Basecamp already on the menu, yet another project management app may seem redundant, but we can assure you that’s not the case here. Whereas Evernote and Basecamp are both tools to use when things are running at full speed, Casual.PM is the tool you want when things need to cool down a notch. Casual.PM allows you to stay in the loop by providing you only the information you need, in a more visual and streamlined feed. This means that, even between important goals, you’ll still be up to date with everyone’s status, and thus be able to plan your next success.


expensifyAside from staying on track, another thing that greatly influences productivity and goal reaching is staying on budget, and that’s exactly what Expensify allows you to do. By allowing you to easily add expenses and providing a real-time report of your current financial situation, Expensify allows you to manage your budget better, making it easy to determine when to scale up towards success.


bufferCustomer engagement always was one of the crucial parts of every business, but with the bloom of technology, it is now more important than ever to keep in touch with your customers. Having a social media presence is mandatory if you want to gain the trust of your customers, but doing it right is no easy job. The biggest mistake companies make is that they are not consistent in their social media interaction. To make sure you don’t fall into the same trap, get acquainted with Buffer, your social media ace in the sleeve. Buffer allows you to manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts and everything else you need to do to stay in the game. Keep in mind that every social media user can be your next customer. Make it your goal to make this happen!

Clean Master

clean masterClean Master is an app that will keep your smartphone clean and optimized at all times. If you wonder what such program might have to do with your business and your success, just pause for a second and think about how frustrating it a phone that fails on you when you need it the most. Imagine you’re on a trip and can’t keep in touch with your teammates that are dealing with an emergency because your phone suddenly decided to operate very slowly – not an ideal scenario, is it? With Clean Master, this won’t be a problem – your phone will be in top shape at all times, ready to assist you in reaching success.

By Fredrick Cameron and!