Top 21 Awesome New Features of Android 4.0

On the Google Android 4.0 conference, Samsung released the first cell phone to use Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich): Galaxy Nexus. What differences between Android 4.0 and former Android edition? Let IT Geeg tell you 21 awesome new features of Android 4.0.

New Features of Android 4.0

Virtual keyboard: increased screen size and controlled the full size of phones

New Android system cancelled the keyboard and use virtual keyboard on its screen. This design can increase the screen size in a same shape. And this feature can also perform well on a tablet PC.

Display Widgets list in a tab which is like app list

App list in Android 4.0 can now turn to widget list. Widget list is show in thumbnails. Users just need to drag their needed widgets to desktop.

Widgets list in a tab

Easier to create or manage folder, like iOS

The new folder function is very easy. You just need to drag one icon to another icon and it will create a new fold to contain these two file. The new folder system support quick contact or other file, which is very like it in iOS.

Customizable desktop system

Users are allowed to customize desktop, such as shortcut tool bar on the bottom. Users can added more button to the tool bar.

Visual voice mail

In android 4, there is a visual voice mail app.

Calendar can be zoomed

Users can zoom calendar to check detailed schedule.

Gmail off-line search

The font style changed in the new Gmail. Icon and layout are re-designed. The shortcut toolbar can write email, search or open bookmarks. It also added a off-line search function. The inbox will show a preview of each emails.

Volume down + power button can quickly snip


Improve virtual keyboard error correction

Error correction and spell check are improved. Click the word and users can get suggestions.

Open apps from the locked screen.

Just drag the unlock icon to the app you want to open and users can open the app.


Optimized copy & paste function

New browser

Android 4.0 improved the build-in web browser. The new Android browser support 16 tabs at the same time. Users can use the browser to sync with Chrome bookmarks.

New browser

New Roboto font

The new Roboto font in Android 4.0 is more beautiful.

Data flow controller

Third party apps to monitor data flow is replaced by the build-in data flow controller. It can show data flow history in a specific period of time. The controller also support alert and auto disconnect. It can monitor data flow consumption of each apps.

Improved photographing app


The new function have no delay. Users can take a photo in 1 second.

Face recognition

Face recognition function is deployed in Android4. Users can use face to unlock their cell phone by this new technology.

Build-in photo editor

Android 4.0 added a photo editor. This editor can let user cut or toning pictures.

Multi task list

This task list will display most recently used apps. You can close some of them to reduce storage consumption.

New gallery layout

The new gallery in Android 4.0 can display photos by categories.

SNS integrated into Contacts

The new contact let users use social network information.

Android Beam

The NFC based Android Beam let cell phones exchange websites, contacts or YouTube videos.

According to these new features, we know the new Android 4.0 didn’t bring much exciting functions. Most differences are improvement of old functions. But the new improve makes Ice Cream Sandwich more convenient. Maybe the Android 4.0 is not so fashion but it is the best choice for most users who just need a “cell phone”.