Recently, Amazon released new generation fire: Kindle Fire HD 7. It’s thinner, lighter, faster and, yes, better looking. Many people think it the most promising Nexus 7 competitor. Is it enough of an improvement to topple our current king of budget tablets, the Nexus 7? Read this Fire HD 7 review to find out. Appearance Compared to most other […]

As mobile technology breaks new barriers every day, every hour, even every minute, a keen, palpitating anticipation persistently prevails in the hearts of consumers and enthusiasts alike. With anticipation, naturally, comes dreaming, and that is where the most wondrous of ideas take root, often blooming into concept models. Some of these are certain future releases, […]

Since Google release the Nexus 7 tablet, there are many rumors about iPad Mini. Now, Amazon also joined this camp. The latest news shows Amazon will release their Kindle Fire update: Kindle Fire 2 late summer to compete with Google and Apple. The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will have many improvement. Amazon has booked 2,000,000 Kindle […]

A warm coffee will give me a good mood even it is not winter. The tasty coffee has become my favorite drink. However, the temperature of the coffee is critical to its taste. I’m often burned my tongue on hot coffee. Now, with the Coffee Joulies, you will get perfect coffee in minutes and  the coffee will stays […]

Amazon release Price Check app for iPhone and Android phones to help users find the cheapest price online by scan products’ bar code. It’s very easy to use. How to use Amazon Price Check App. Open “Price Check”. There are three buttons on the top. They are Scan it, Snap it and Say it. Click Scan […]

Amazon just rolled out a full-fledged tablet Kindle Fire. It is believed as big competitor for other tablet as the cheap price. Citigroup’s research department says Amazon is going further to release smartphone in the end of 2012. The new smartphone will be called KindlePhone as rumors show. It will deploy a TI processor and […]

Amazon released update for Kindle 3 to support Kindle Cloud service. Kindle 3 can now save data to and sync with cloud server. Kindle users can enjoy many features which Nook or Sony Reader can not give them. Since the release of the fourth generation of Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, Amazon suggested that […]

The first iPad competitor maybe the Eee Pad Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1. But the real powerful iPad competitor is still in development.  IT Geeg thinks hardware has lost some its weight in consider a Tablet. The services and applications behind a Tablet plays a more and more  important role. Amazon owns more than 200,000,000 users and […]

Recently, Apple added some restricts on it iOS User Agreement. Some people thinks there will be some giant quit Apple store. But Apple did some compromise. Apple just restrict some publisher like Amazon can not link to their own market from Apple App store. This rule makes user can just access e-books from Apple App Store. […]