Kindle Fire 2 in Production

Since Google release the Nexus 7 tablet, there are many rumors about iPad Mini. Now, Amazon also joined this camp. The latest news shows Amazon will release their Kindle Fire update: Kindle Fire 2 late summer to compete with Google and Apple.

The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will have many improvement. Amazon has booked 2,000,000 Kindle Fire 2 from Quanta. The Kindle Fire 2 is rumored to arrive within two months between July to August.

Regarding Kindle Fire 2 specs, it will abolish the plastic case which is used on former generation. High quality meta case will be adopted. The screen will also be upgrade to higher resolution. Rumors shows screen is from LG and Panasonic. The Kindle Fire 2 will offer 3 edition: 7″, 8.9″ and 10″. Rumors also said the Kindle Fire 2 will have a quad-core CPU in it. The Kindle Fire 2 will run on Android.

China Times reports that components for the 7-inch version began shipping in June. Kindle Fire 2 is absolutely a good news for customers. It offers another choice for high quality while cheap tablet.