How to Remote Control iPhone & iPad on Mac

Last post, I tell you how to remote control Mac with iPhone. Now I’d like to tell you remote control iPhone & iPad on Mac.

We can use a Mac software: iKeyboardRemote to help us remote control iPhone & iPad. You can purchase it on Mac App Store. Now they just released Mac version.

After installed this software, you can connect your iPhone or iPad with bluetooth.  This software support you lock screen, slideshow, music control. All this functions just need bluetooth connect.

Run the iKeyboardRemote. Then you can use mouse or keyboard to start playing music.

ESC: Home Button
F4 : iPad Slide Show, iPhone Album Cover
F6 : Lock
F7 : Pre
F8 : Play/Stop
F9 : Next
F10: Mute
F11: Turn down sound
F12:  Turn up sound

This software is helpful especially when you put you iPhone far away from you when you are surfing the Internet with your Mac.