Ultrathin Silicone Back Case for iPhone 6

iphone-6s_6s_plus_featuredIf you’ve just bought an iPhone 6, it’s worthy investing in a back case to protect it from bumps and scratches. Some of you may not want to take a case to make your iPhone lose identification. Surely, we want to let people know we are using iPhone when we bought it. So, today, I’d like to help you find a suitable back case.

Firstly, let’s declare our requirement. When choose an iPhone case, we want it protect our iPhone from damage. Then we want it thin and looks in good appearance. And we don’t like the case cover the Apple Logo. So we summarize our requirements into one product: Ultra thin transparent silicon case.

Apple offers its own cases for iPhone. There are two options available: the Leather Case or the Silicone Case. They protect your phone well. But both of them are opacity. We don’t want to have them for our iPhone.

Then we go to Google. And we get the right answer, you can find this on Gearbest with free shipping. It’s much cheaper than Apple’s official case. The most import thing is that it can meet all our requirements. It is ultra thin with transparent back. So we can still see the Apple logo on the back when with this case. Thanks to the see through design in back, if you want to make you iPhone more individual, you can put your idea into the back case. The case also has different frame color to suit most for your iPhone.

iPhone 6 case golden

Regarding to the protection, the case will fully protect your iPhone frame. And it has a protection lip to keep your iPhone screen away from damage in falling. Sure, if you want to get better protection, a good idea is to get a screen cover.

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