iPhone 6 case golden

If you’ve just bought an iPhone 6, it’s worthy investing in a back case to protect it from bumps and scratches. Some of you may not want to take a case to make your iPhone lose identification. Surely, we want to let people know we are using iPhone when we bought it. So, today, I’d […]

laptop case

Once you’ve found the perfect laptop, you must begin your search for the perfect laptop case. There are an overwhelming number of styles to choose from, but not all of them are created equal. Some serve as little more than fashion statements and provide little functionality or protection. Here are some of the things you […]

A new iPad or iPad mini does not come cheap, so it’s important to protect these tablets with a quality carrying case. Inexpensive cases provide very little protection from the elements or the hard ground, while a good quality leather case can protect your iPad while enhancing its appearance. Leather and waxed cotton are both […]

The iPhone & iPad has entered many people’s daily life. It allows you handle your works or playing games anywhere. But this pricey device is so weak to survive from drop. With well designed protective  case, you shouldn’t need to worry about its safety. The M-Edge SuperShell is a very unique iPhone 4/4S/iPad case. It use closed-cell […]

There are rumors about iPhone 5 release date. And some website even revealed iPhone 5 picture preview. Can we believe these news? From the experience about iPhone4 and iPad 2 release, we can speculate the iPhone 5 appearance from the iPhone5 cases selling on website. Suppose the iPhone5 cases are real, we can get data show […]