Google mail checker

The Gmail and Chrome are great products from Google. How about Gmail + Chrome? It will then be a powerful and convenient email client. Now let me tell you top 5 best Gmail extensions to make it easier to use Gmail in Google Chrome. Google Mail Checker The Google Mail Checker is developed by Google […]

Screen Capture

In Firefox, I uses HyperSnap-DX to capture web pages what I’m interested in. When I turned to Chrome, I tried many screenshot add-on. Finally, I remained the Screen Capture from Google. Screen Capture is the official screenshot plugin developed by Google. It the most stable screenshot I have tried. Support 4 capture pattern Capture visible content of a […]

Technic performance service provider Compuware published a report on web broswer speed today. They simulated users’ habitat to test web broswers speed. The result shows that Google Chrome is the fastest web broswer based on their tests. This research just tested speed under broadband evironment. The gathered data from more than 1.86 billion sample form […]

On I/O developer annual meeting, Google’s vice-president of Chrome department, Sundar Pichai, announced that google will put two chrome OS notebook on sale at 15,June. This new notebook is called ‘Chromebook’. Samsung and Accer produce these two notebooks. Both of them will use Intel Atom dual core CPU. Power supply can support 8.5 hours and […]