Google Going to Stop Android App Inventor

New Google CEO Larry Page is going to shut down projects which hove no benefit to Google’s business. Google will turn its focus to those projects which can make sense for Google as Larry Page announced before. The one victim is App Inventor for Android.

App Inventor

Android App Inventor is developed under the leader of Hal Abelson from MIT. It’s aimed at to help those who have no programming experience develop Android apps. Since released at Summer 2010, it gathered many lovers.

But now we learn that App Inventor will be shut down before the end of the year.

But Google will open it source code for developers. Google indicate that they are “looking for opportunities to support App Inventor for education”. They are going to upgrade it to a “more comprehensive product”.

Google’s action have make many educators disappointed. A middle school teacher commented on Google Labs: this is a dissolving  news.