PROXY Pro Remote Desktop Software Review

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To manage a corporations’ network is not simply set up a cable network. Actually, the key point is not the hardware. There are hundreds suppliers willing to help you build a network environment. The primary task in front of a IT manager is how to manage this network. There are thousands computers, workstations or notebooks in a giant corporation.  However, we buy remote access software like PROXY Pro remote desktop software, to help helpdesk manage this network.

Supported System:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Server 2008 R2, Server 2008, Server 2003

Proxy Pro 7

Main PROXY Pro Services:

The PROXY Pro contains rich components. They are all designed to make network management easier. It will provide the following services between Hosts and Masters:

Remote Control: This is a common tool for all remote tools. It let masters view the screen activity on an end-user’s remote machine. It also let masters take control of and send keyboard/mouse inputs to the remote machine in real-time. So this tool is very useful when staffs need support when they encounter problems in daily office work.

File Transfer: Users can drag-and-drop files or directories on the remote machine to the technician’s machine. This function is practical when your staff are going to work in their house during weekend but they forgot to copy your working files to their private computers.

Host-based Chat: Like Office Communicator, this tool let users chat with each other. This will save company’s telephone bill and make communication more fluently among group.

Remote Management: This tool can generate inventory of hardware and software assets on remote machine, and to query and change certain system settings.

Our company used DameWare Mini Remote Control 7.0 to manage all our computers. It’s also a very great remote control tool. But the PROXY Pro provide a local area network communicator tool which is not offered by DameWare Mini Remote Control.

When comes to other services, the PROXY Pro  performance is as great as the  DameWare Mini Remote Control. So why not try use a new product?

Learn more before you make choice to purchase a PROXY Pro at Proxy Networks official website. If you need free trial, please click here.