Top 5 Best iPhone 4 Games

Not only the powerful functions make iPhone 4 a pulic lover, but also the rich games makes iPhone 4 tempting. Many iPhone 4 games will never makes its play disappointing even compared to a PC games. The advantage is that players can play their favorite games on an iPhone 4 anytime and anywhere. Most iPhone 4 users play games for joy. As a result, the top 5 best iPhone 4 games are all small games.

Death Worm ( Price $0.99)

This game is easy addicted. Player act as a worm which eat human. This death worm will destroy tanks, helicopters, planes,COP cars and soldiers. The difficulty will increase with the level up.

Battleheart ( Price $2.99)

This game is a combine of RTS and RPG. You can play alone or build group to start your adventure. It doesn’t need too much complex control.

Peggle ( Price $2.99)

This game once rank the top 5 easy addicted game. It’s also a popular game on PC. Now you can play it on iPhone4.

Osmos ( Price $4.99)

This iPhone 4 game seems boring. But it is really a choice to spend rubbish time. Players control a “ball” to kill other “balls”. It is like Anakonda.

Jenga ( Price $2.99)

Still remember the time you play building block in your childhood? This game is now available on iPhone 4. It let you play with network friends.