Has Nintendo intended to release 3DXL this August?

Nintendo Co. LTD, one of the earliest organizations to come up with a gaming device was founded in 1889. The organization is known for its path breaking innovation in handheld and video game consoles. The provider, whose earlier successful ventures include Nintendo Game Boy, Virtual Boy, GameCube, Wii and 3DS are ready to roll out their latest product – the “Nintendo 3DS XL”.

The product is scheduled to hit the American market in August 23rd and will release on other dates at various places. The device will roll out in two different color schemes in the US which include – Red & Black and Blue & Black.
One of the unique features of Nintendo 3Ds was that, it managed to deliver to the gamers, a stereoscopic 3D effect even without the 3D glasses. But, the most common issue raised was, they experienced a giddy and sick feeling over some time of gaming. This was largely believed to be due to the screen size. So, Nintendo soon resolved this issue by announcing that the new 3DS XL will have a 90% larger display than its predecessor.

It’s not the screen alone that got bigger this time; Nintendo has announced a boost in the battery life as well. It is anticipated to give a play time from anywhere between three to six and half hours for 3D games and from anywhere between five to eight hours of playtime for normal 2D games.

The increase in the size of the display has invariably led to the device becoming heavier. However, there has not been any modification to the resolution of the device and the pixel proportion remains the same. The device also sports a slider button, which will allow you to switch on/off the 3D effect completely. Now, that’s a wiser move Nintendo!
As far as the storage space is concerned, the device will have a 4 GB storage capacity which is double the space than its ascendant. But, the only problem is, Nintendo has called off the supply of the AC charger adapter in order to keep the prices low. Priced at $199, the device retains other key specifications like the 0.3 Mega pixel camera, analog control stick and so on.

Currently, there are two games which are compatible or 3DS XL ready. These include Art Academy and another character creation game. The device indeed looks promising. Let’s hope it gives us an experience of the same cadre. Keep your excitement and spirits high because it’s less than a month to keep your hands on this reloaded device.

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