The Best PS3 Accessories on a Budget

If you’ve found the cash to splash on a brand new PS3, but are finding affording all the extras that you’re expected to buy alongside it a bit of a stretch, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of excellent PS3 accessories that you can pick up for budget prices, from headphones to controllers. Here are a few recommendations if you’re shopping on an empty pocket:


Although it’s difficult to top a Dualshock, if you need additional controllers PS3’s own can be a little pricey. Other than searching through second-hand shelves for a first generation Six Axis controller (which you can generally pick up for next to nothing these days), your options may feel limited. By far the most expensive part of a controller is its wireless element, so if you can bear to go wired again you can get a PS3 controller at a quarter of the price of a new wireless one. If you can’t make that sacrifice, Gioteck make respectable Bluetooth controllers, but not in the same design as the PS3’s own.

Controller Add-ons

If you don’t have enough money for Avenger add-ons, you can still add on functionality for your controller at a fraction of the cost. Gioteck produce additional L2 and R2 trigger add-ons that slip over the top of the existing ones, adding grip, while a wireless clip-on keyboard can make online chat a lot easier.


Sound is important in video games, so although you don’t want to have to sell your home to get the best sound quality, you should still expect to spend a fair amount to get anything like true sound quality. The Arctic Sound P261 headphones are overhead headphones comes integrated with a remote control and bendable microphone probe. USB compatible, they are ideal for PS3 usage.


If you’re an online gamer who wants to prioritise vocal clarity over audio quality, you’re better investing in an in-ear Bluetooth headset. MadCatz produce high quality, lightweight, low-cost in-ear headsets with noise reducing mics, ensuring your every command is heard in the highest quality in game without you having to splurge on an expensive Turtle Beach headset.