Adding Mobile Devices is Cheaper in the Cloud

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All around the world companies are integrating mobile computing and devices into their current business strategy. With remote workers and constant travel, these companies are utilizing technology to stay connected. In the past this decision was expensive, extensive and for most businesses, out of reach. Now with cloud services, computing and cloud-based apps, adding mobile devices is cheaper than previous years.

Cheaper Devices with Fewer Resources:

In the past you needed the bigger better devices in order to accomplish the same tasks as a workstation. Now as the cloud evolves, most of the processing and resources used is by the cloud servers. This offers businesses the opportunity to purchase mobile devices with fewer resources and lower costs. Where you used to need a tablet with 32GB of storage, you can now accomplish the same tasks with a 4GB tablet. With files stored on the cloud, there is no longer a need to store the information on the device.

Device Operation and Integration:

When laptops were first introduced into business, the IT department had to reformat each laptop with a customized image for company use. With cloud computing and mobile devices, it is as easy as installing an app. Employees are capable of utilizing any operating system that is currently installed on the device and the apps needed for company tasks can simply be installed. This offers easier integration of a multitude of devices the company decides is ideal.

Cheaper Storage Options for Mobile Devices:

The cloud is expected to house most of the storage for mobile devices in the future. The reason for this is the low cost storage options the cloud offers for mobile providers. The same idea is being utilized in business already. With mobile devices, storage providers can be compared and chosen, rather than only having one method of storage, often dedicated servers.

Many storage providers allow unlimited client logins with their monthly service charge. Whether you have 20 or 200 users, each device can connect to the cloud service without additional charge. Whereas dedicated servers often come with bandwidth restrictions that add additional cost. For businesses this could save thousands of dollars a year. For employee accounts, you may also have the option of adding additional employees for a small fee.

Cloud computing and mobile devices are changing the way businesses connect and conduct. Whether it is a small operation or a large corporation, cloud computing offers the ability to save on costs while increasing employee productivity and profits. Choosing the right provider, options and devices can make all the difference. Decide which services and devices are right for your business and see how the cloud can help.

Alex Brighton is a business consultant and IT professional who suggests you click here to see how the cloud can help your business