How to Replace iPad Front Panel

When your iPad front panel breaks after the warranty has expired, what to do? Then you need to read this tutorial to learn how to fix it by yourself. ( Apply to iPad 2 or the new iPad. )


1. Learn general precautions for fixing smartphone or tablet. These knowledge will help you make a right decision about whether you can fix iPad by yourself or you need to send it back to professional technicist.

2. Component: one Home key and one camera support ( You can get from the old panel. ); a new front panel ( Get from Amazon); double sides adhesive tape.

3. Tools: hair drier, thin metal blade, Philips #00 screwdriver, plastic opener, multifunction tool pen

This tutorial will use iPad 2 for example. The same solution also apply to the New iPad front panel. Before you take actions, make sure you have know the risk of this method and have backed up your data.

1. Back Up data

In order to avoid data lose during the fixing process, you should transfer all your data in iPad to iCloud or iTunes.

2. Uninstall the broken iPad front panel

After backed up files, use the hair drier to increase edge temperature. This will melt the adhesive which sticks the front panel to the iPad body. Then you can use a plastic opener to remove the iPad front panel. If you feel a big force to remove the panel, keep heating the edge till the adhensive get warmer and turn soft.

Note: don’t insert plastic opener too deep for avoiding damage on other internal parts.

After separated the front panel and body, uses plastic sheet to avoid re-join. Be very careful when you remove the Home key from panel. The Wi-Fi antenna is near to the Home key.

See the left bottom corner, there is a cable. Don’t drag it. It may damage other components. You need to remove the screen to get the connector. Remove four philips screw and separate screen with body. Then you can see a nut which connect front panel cable to the mainboard.

After removed screen, you can open the connector which fixed front panel cable.

3. Remove the Home key & camera

After removed the front panel, uses Philips screwdriver to remove the Home key from the panel. This step also need to use hair drier to heating the key and it’s support frame. The same method should be used to remove camera too.

4. Install the Home key and camera to the new iPad front panel

Uses double sides adhesive tape to stick camera and Home key to the new iPad panel.

5. Install the new front panel to your iPad

Before you install the new panel to your iPad, you should remove all remaining adhesive or glasses debris from the iPad first. Then, plug the cable to the mainboard and lock it. Then reinstall the screen panel and fasten it with nut. Then reset the front panel to right position and fix it. Be careful to avoid damage on the cable.

Then you should make sure the iPad works. You also need to make sure there is no debris between screen panel and front panel. Avoid direct touch on the display area to avoid any dirt on it. After that, close the iPad and use double sides adhensive tape to stick the front panel and iPad body. Then the fixing has been finished.