Top 5 Apps to Manage Money on the Run

As finance professionals, it is imperative to remain connected to current stock levels and financial data at all times. Smartphones have paved the way in creating efficiencies in the financial industry. Several apps have been created to make the lives of financial professionals significantly more productive, and therefore, more prosperous. These top five financial apps will provide financial professionals with the most recent news feeds, stock prices, industry analyses, and more.

aCurrency (Android) and Currency Converter (iPhone)

Many people working in finance must have a firm grasp on the current currency conversion rates across the globe. Unfortunately, the best currency conversion apps are not available on all smartphones; therefore, aCurrency and Currency Converter are listed together. aCurrency provides hourly and weekly currency updates to ensure each financial professional receives the most current information available, as well as historical charts. Currency Converter features metals and currency rates based on OANDA RatesĀ®, the globally-renowned authority on conversion rates. This app also provides access to up-to-the-minute currency news and online tools.

Black Gold

Any trader or investor dealing in crude oil, gas, silver, natural gas, heating oil, or gasoline should not be without this app on their smartphone. This app is custom designed specifically for the Apple family. Industry professionals who utilize this niche financial app will be able to follow the most current trends and updates in news and stock information. It is important to note that a BlackGold app exists in Android; however, it is not associated with the world of finance.


This financial app has received a number of accolades, including the award for Top Finance iPad App for 2011. This app revolutionized the way people access stock and company information. It provides a grid of any stock a person chooses to follow at one time with the most up-to-date stock details. One touch reveals the most comprehensive financial information package available on the market in one application.

Emerging Markets Experts

As more investors seek opportunities in emerging markets, this app is rapidly growing in popularity. This tool is essential for any professional seeking immediate and current information on the BRIC nations, as well as other influential emerging economies. Owners of this app will be presented with insights from emerging economy experts, a daily chart assessing the potential activity of the day, and a weekly outlook of the BRIC nations.


The Bloomberg app has become the go-to resource for hundreds of thousands of financial professionals the world over. It is a one-stop shop for current world news, trends, stocks, and more. Not only does it evaluate all markets and provide reliable information, it is compatible with an iPhone, an iPad, an Android smartphone, an Android tablet, a Nokia, and a Blackberry. The compatibility of this app and the accessibility to comprehensive market analyses make the Bloomberg app one of the most appealing financial-resource apps on the market.

While dozens of financial apps are available on the market, very few are suitable for the financial professional, and even fewer can be called the best. These five financial apps will provide anyone in the industry with a tremendous advantage by having current information available at all times. Whether a person has a Blackberry, an Android, or an iPhone, a financial app exists to guide them to success.


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