Top 20 Hottest Android Phones

A Chinese website researched their games downloading data and listed top 20 hottest Android cell phones in China during the last month. In September, we seen a rapid increase of free games. But there are no change of paid games.

Top 20 Hottest Android Phones

There are no many difference compared to August. The Samsung I9000 is still the No.1.  HTC G14 appeared in this top 20 list. The 540*960 revolution big screen with dual core processor is gaining more love.

The ordinary N100 is the biggest winner. When S5570 and Magic is losing users, N100 rank higher than August. And S800 also rank 10. These two Android phone are the biggest black horse in September.

You may think there are many other great android phones. But with the rapid development of Android, there are more and more Android phones. So this top 20 list should be more difficult to be ranked in.

When comes to market share, we can learn that I9000 is loosing its market because of many new Android phones.