Any.Do for iOS review


Many Android users should have know the Any.Do. It is a great app help you getting thing done. Even many iOS users want to try this app. Now, the And.Do release an iOS version. Let’s have a look at this great app on iPhone.

The default interface is very fresh. White blue gray color matching with simple big font makes a comfortable feeling. And the simple design idea also be used in operation. “easy to start, hard to stop” is the criteria to judge a app. And the Any.Do for iOS can total meet the requirement of “easy to start”.

  • drop-down——add new task
  • drop down and stop——add audio task
  • slide from left to right——mark a task completion
  • click task——add priority, alert or notes to a task
  • rock device——delete completed tasks

These gesture may remind you another Todo app: Clear. The Clear is also provide simple and convinient gesture operation. But it can not provide proper functions I need.

Any.Do classify your task by “Date” or “Folder”. The app allow you assign the task by “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “This week” or “Immediately”.  A great feature deserve recommend is the landscape interface. This makes it very easy to see calendar and tasks at the same time.

The Any.Do also have a Chrome plugin. So you are allowed to sync with you PC by using Chrome browser.

Above all, the Any.Do have great UI, Usability and practicability. It will be great alternative GTD app.