How to Install Android Applications From PCs

To install .apk format applications on a Android phone is very like to install a .sis app on Nokia Symbian. There are three ways to install a new app on your cell phone. But install from PC is the most data saving idea than install from Android Market or install from WAP. Here I’m going to help you install apk applications from PC.

When comes to installing applications from PCs, some android user may think it some complicated.But acctually, with a APK Installing Helper software, it should be very easy to install an android application from PC.

STEP 1: Change some basic settings on your cell phone.

Check ”Unknown Sources’ under Settings-Applications, and ‘USB debugging’ under Settings-Applications-Development.

STEP 2: Download the suitable USB driver for your Android cell phone.

This is a preparing work before using a APK installing software. However, some software may include this driver.

STEP 3: Install the APK installing tools on PC.

You can find these tools by Googleing. There is a software called ’91 helper’ in China. You may find the similar tools in your language. Some of these tools may need you to install the ‘.NET Framework’ before.

STEP 4: Install Android Apps to cell phone.

Download APK file from the Internet by APK Installing Helper. Double click it in APK Installing Helper and it will help you install this application to your Android cell phone.