Siine Writer: Cool Icon-Based Keyboard for Android

siine-writer-screenshot-hellosSiine is a Spain/UK-based developer of software. They are aiming at changing the way we communicate with each other by touch screen cell phones. Now they release it’s Icon-Based Keyboard android app: Siine Writer.

The Siine Writer is a interesting icon-based keyboard for android. It’s developed to help you input personalized message and save time.

Siine was founded by Ed Maklouf in 2007. Ed Maklouf was studied in Stanford University major on Communication. He got a £550,000 award of Atomico Ventures. This reward is then transformed to seed funding.

The most outstanding point is that Siines uses many special icons. These icons stand for different messages. For example, you can click just one icon if you need to say “Hello” to others. This function will say you some time if you want to speak a common sentence to spread your idea.

This new software build some useful sentences in its system. But they also let you create new icons or change template yourself.