Panasonic Release The Strongest Android Tablet PC: Toughbook

Panasonic has spend more than one year developed strong Tablet PCs. And they are predicted to release the first Android Toughbook this fourth quarter.

The new Toughbook is also developed to work under extreme conditions. It adopted 10.1 inch(1024*768) highlight screen in order to work under sunshine. There is a camera used and a write pen is added to make it more convinience. It also have the common function keyboard for Android 2.3. GPS, WiFi, 3G or 4G functions make it a real network tablet PC.

A unique feature for this new Android Toughbook is the data security service. This function helps to protect important data, such as military files, from hack. Un-authorized users can not read or download files.

The Toughbook series from Panasonic is know for its stabilty under extreme conditons. They are well designed to be protected from debris intrusion, water ingestion, vibration and high presure load to assure its proper function. They even get certificated under military specifiaction MIL-STD-810G and IP65. It means these products can run under extreme adverse conditons. So the US army is very like their products.