How to Transfer Address Book From Blackberry to Android

I bought a HTC cell phone with Android OS on it days ago. It’s not so easy to export address book from my old Blackberry 8830 and then import to the new Android cell phone. Actually, there are no direct solution. However, you can use outlook express and Gmail as a bridge to help you finish this tough task.

Export Address Book From Blackberry by Outlook Express

1. Connect your Blackberry with PC

You should installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager and run it on your PC. Use a USB connector as bridge.

2. Select Address Book Sync

Select “Synchronize”. Choose “Synchronization” under “Configuration”

Just select Address Book here. Then choose “Microsoft Outlook”. Click “Next”

3. Select synchronization options

There are three sync ways: Two Way/One Way from device or one way form Microsoft Outlook to BlackBerry. I recommend “Two way sync” to avoid risks.

Click “Next” and select “Outlook”. Click “Next” and then click “Finish”.

4. Sync Address book

Click synchronize now and it will export your blackberry address book to Microsoft outlook now.

Use Gmail as a bridge to transfer blackberry address book to android phones

1. Export contacts from outlook and save to CSV file.

2. Import the contact list file to Gmail Contacts.

3. Configure you Android Device

In “Settings” page, there is a “Accounts & sync” option. Select this option. Click “Add Account” here. Input your gmail account and password. Click “Next” . Edit Exchange server to “” and click “Next”. The left options can be configured as you like.

4. Download data from Gmail

When you finished configuration, you device will download contact list from you gmail account automatically.