My Experience of Installing Mac OS X on PC

There are large numbers of tutorials on telling you how to install a Mac on a PC. However, some of these manual book can not work because of the different hardware. And the problems are always caused by hardware drivers.

Surely, you can install a unlocked Mac OS. But your better idea is to download a original edition Mac OS.

The original edition is a good choice if you know Mac OS a little and your hardware is powerful enough. But you may need to handle some problems by yourself. The advantage of original edition is that you won’t need to worry about update.

However, I didn’t know I can choose a original edition Mac OS the time I installing mac on my PC. I installed a unlocked edition on my PC.

There are numerous OSX unlocking groups published many unlocked OSX. I used iatkos. The first time I installed it successful. However, I found I can’t start it after removed CD. I then downloaded a new iatkos. This time, I found another problem that my computer can not identify ps/2 mouse and keyboard. In the “read me” file I learned it was caused by no-customize. After selected the right driver I finally installed Mac successful.

But another problem was coming. When I was downloading xcode, my PC shut down suddenly caused by short of power. Continued downloading makes the xcode can not mount on my PC. Google tells me it was mostly caused by file break. I then re-downloaded a xcode.

I should feel happy if all things have got done. But the truth is that I encountered a new problem. The iPhone 3 SDK require a 10.5.7 Mac OS. I installed the 10.5.5 Mac OS. So I tried to update my OS. But the same problem occur. My keyboard can not input anything. In the read me file I learned that this is caused by wrong driver. So I choose the right driver in the “custom” option.

But in Google I find the new iatkos 10.5.7 had been published. I recommend you to download the newest iatkos edition. You can find it here. The iatkos is Mac OS X 10.5.7.

Now I just leave a telnet problem. I tried many VNC client but they all don’t work. The third party VNC Server can’t run on my Mac.

This is my first experience about Mac on PC. My experience is that “readme” file should be pay more attention.