My top 10 favorite Android apps

After 3 months of using Android, I have tied many Android Apps. Here I’d like to list my top 10 favorite Android apps.

Go SMS Pro

This app is used to replace the default SMS app. It let users add shortcut to Android desktop. It can even let you custom theme. I use it to make a iPhone like theme.


This app can replace the default desktop app. It support Animated screen previews Expose ( Like HTC Sense).  It provides smooth scrolling among up to 7 home screens

Advanced Task Killer

Android does its own task management, but as someone who is still using Android 2.1, I can tell you it needs a little help. I recommend downloading Advanced Task Killer to maximize your battery life and performance. If the phone starts to feel sluggish, or the battery life is dropping like a rock, open up ATK and it will stop any apps you aren’t using.


Camera360 have rich functions to optimize picture quality. It support auto focus or microspur mode

Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser is a great solution to replace the default web browser in Android. You can install Adblock Plus, Read Later, LastPass or Web to PDF plugins int Dolphin Browser.


This small app let you add widgets to desktop. You can turn on or turn off 3G, GPS or WiFi easily.

Root Explorer ( file manager )

R.E. is a great file manager. Access the whole of android’s file system.


Are you over or under your monthly budget? If you had a Mint account and the Mint for Android app, you would know this and much more.


I have used Google Reader, but I have to say I prefer NewsRob for quickly scanning my RSS feeds. The interface is cleaner, and with a few quick clicks, I can send stories to my e-mail, Twitter account, EverNote, or even to Instapaper.


With DropBox for Android, I can access DropBox files directly from my phone. Just log into your account and all your files will be there.

Any other good Android Apps recommendation? Write down you idea under here.