Leaked iPad mini Pictures

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iPhone 5 has finally released. The next product maybe the iPad mini. Now, we have got leaked iPad mini model pictures from Foxconn.

From the leaked pictures, we see the model is smaller than 9.7 inch iPad. We can hold it by one hand. So this should be the 7.85 inch iPad mini.

From the leaked pictures, we see iPad mini don’t carry rear camera. And it uses narrow margin design. The project code is A1218. It will have 4G version ( The top black part ). The iPad mini will support SIM card other than nano-SIM. It uses a same 8 pins dock as iPhone 5 uses.

The iPad mini is rumored to be released in Oct this year. Price is unknown now. But I think the iPad mini is going to compete with Nexus 7 & Kindle Fire HD. So the price should be not so expensive.